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Shatter Valley is an unforgiving but highly rewarding twin stick shooter where every fight you take is a risk, and every risk you take is a choice.

The game features a large open world map for you to explore, interesting and formidable opponents, and hundreds of weapon parts that you can use create a powerful arsenal.
 Or at least it will.

This is an extremely early access prototype for Shatter Valley. The game is in active developmentand is not yet feature complete. I will be updating the game here frequently as new features and content are implemented, and I would love to hear your feedback along the way.

If you have questions or feedback, you can join the community discord here: 


If you're interested in following the project, you can also follow me on youtube where I try to vlog about it somewhat often:  


 Changes for v2019.9.14 :
 - projectiles now collide with other projectiles
 - you can now switch between your two weapons and shoot them one at a time or select both and link them together
 - added the rest of the weapon parts and implented their contribution to the final weapon stats
 - added ammo and reload mechanics (still infinite ammo, but you must reload
 - added basic HUD to show player health, weapon selection, and ammo status
 - added rough aim pointer / crosshair
 - added basic weapon shot sound effect
 - added help screen to explain basics and controls
 - added short wait time after player dies before going back to menu
 - nerfed the enemy loadout a bit
 - enemies now have only one weapon
 - fixed problems with projectile trails not appearing correctly
 - lifted the 5 item limit on in-raid inventory
 - added a bunch of variations of each weapon part. These are rough and probably unbalanced! 
 - UI: main inventory is now sorted
 - UI: added ability to un-equip items from the loadout (right click)
 - UI: weapon and part stats are now shown in loadout panel
 - UI: added highlighting for incomplete weapons and link that to the "start raid" button being disabled
 - UI: made current element selection more obvious
 - UI: menus should now be fully/mostly usable with gamepad only
 - UI: allow use of D-Pad to navigate menus
 - various bugfixes
 - fixed major performance issues

Install instructions

Currently requires PC & Xbox 360 gamepad (Xbox One gamepad might work)

Wider support to come.


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